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2200lumen 20wb22 e26 e27 e40 ce rohs 12v e27 e26 b22 führte corn
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2200lumen 20wb22 e26 e27 e40 ce rohs 12v e27 e26 b22 führte corn

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Modell: HA020D


2200lumen 20wb22 e26 e27 e40 ce rohs 12v e27 e26 b22 führte corn

specifications for 20w led corn:
Commodity:                    Corn light
Type:                        20w  (base e40,e27 avaliable)
AC Input Voltage:            100 ~ 240V / AC 50 or 60HZ
AC input current:            360mA MAX       
AC power consumption:        20W/H(18-20W/H)
DC Input Voltage:            10-30V / DC
DC input current:           550mA / DC constant current
Light-emitting devices:     High efficent and bright LED module,9 module and 270 LEDs in total
LED color temp:              3000K-3500K warm colors 5500K-6000k white red green blue yellow purple
Lumens:                     2000-2200LM(white)
Expected Life:                >30,000 hours
Similar bright light source: 200 W  common incandescent light, 80 W common energy-saving lamps
Waterproof level:            indoor use 
Environmental temperature :  -30℃ ~ +45℃
Size:                        240*89MM   
Net weight:                   about 280g
1.LED is DC driven, low power consumption device.It is anti-seismic, impact resistant,Non-thermal 
   radiation,secure stable,reliableWorry free for thermal dissipation, long lifespan,  compact 
   light body ,simple installation chic style, manufacturing excellence and  product serration.
2.Energy saving,environment-friendly,waste free,completely recyclable.
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